You're My Person Wide Leather Cuff
You're My Person Wide Leather Cuff

You're My Person Wide Leather Cuff

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BFF, You're My Person, Best Friend Minty Green Upcycled Leather Cuff, adjustable

She's you're go to. She's the one who can tell you you're being an idiot, but in the most loving way.

There's no one you'd rather get into trouble with more than her. She's the Thelma to your Louise. And the Wine to your Cheese.

She's the one who will climb in bed with you when you're depressed... and bring chocolate & Pride & Prejudice.

There's no gal you love more. Tell her in a beautiful way. 

Arrives gift boxed with a piece of dark chocolate! 


The bracelet you receive will be slightly different from the one pictured. this is because we use RECYCLED & UPCYCLED leather belts, giving each one unique character and charm! 

Appx. width - 1-1.5" wide 


ESSENTIAL OIL ADDICTS: Did you know? Leather is a fabulous diffuser! Dab a little inside your new bracelet for all-day delight!



Thank you for supporting Create Hope Cuffs - did you know a portion of this sale goes to bring literacy to children around the world. See, look at you being all GIVING & inspiring kids around the world to be the best they can be - SO MUCH MORE THAN A BRACELET, RIGHT?


Caring for your Create Hope Cuff:  Our leather is stained & sealed, but will show some wear over time. Most people like this 'shabby' look. To keep your leather & snaps looking fresher longer, be sure to keep them dry.

With frequent wear, the black stain within the lettering may fade. Want to give it a refresh? Simply use a black sharpie. Be sure to wipe off any excess quickly, but if the sharpie dries where you don’t want it, use a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the extra.

Aluminum will not tarnish & is considered food grade, without chemicals.